Barefoot Shoes BeLenka Winter Reviews

Are you choosing winter warm boots, but would you like some nice and at the same time barefoot? You can also be in harmony with your nature style. Barefoot shoes BeLenka Winter is designed for even the most demanding users.


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Shoe size and shoe width

BeLenka Winter barefoot shoes are sold from size 36 to size 46. The shoe fits very well on a normal foot, it is a bit wider, so the toes have enough space. If you have a very narrow leg, your shoes may be too loose. It sits very nicely on a normal and wider leg. The width of the shoes is as follows:

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Size chart (cm)

  • 36 (size) / 8.9 (width) / 23.3 (length)
  • 37 (size) / 9.3 (width) / 24 (length)
  • 38 (size) / 9.5 (width) / 24.5 (length)
  • 39 (size) / 9.7 (width) / 25 (length)
  • 40 (size) / 9.9 (width) / 25.7 (length)
  • 41 (size) / 10 (width) / 23.3 (length)
  • 42 (size) / 10.3 (width) / 26.4 (length)
  • 43 (size) / 10.5 (width) / 27.2 (length)
  • 44 (size) / 10.7 (width) / 29 (length)
  • 45 (size) / 10.8 (width) / 29.6 (length)
  • 46 (size) / 11.2 (width) / 30.3 (length)



The shoes are made of fine cut leather, it is very soft and pleasant to the touch. Inside, the merino lining with membrane works. It is advisable to wear socks in your shoes, because the shoe is really very warm in winter. The material will surprise you with how simple, delicate and at the same time high quality.

Bewertung: Barfußschuhen BeLenka Winter

You will love wide and comfortable shoes in bad winter weather. Compared to classic winter shoes, it sits on its feet like warm slippers. The cut is wider and fits very well on a normal leg. The shoes have seven holes and are tied with laces. You can tighten the shoes a lot or, on the contrary, loosen them well. The toes of the shoes together form an interesting semicircle on the foot.

Bewertung: Barfußschuhen BeLenka Winter


Winter boots are soft, suitable for bad weather. Don’t forget to impregnate them. This will extend their service life. The shoes have 4 mm wide sole. They have a special hydrophobic leather finish that prevents stains from forming on the material. They are widened in the area of ​​the fingers to provide maximum comfort.

Bewertung: Barfußschuhen BeLenka Winter

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  • Type: Winter
  • Look: Ankle
  • Material: Brushed leather with a special surface treatment
  • Sole width: 4 mm
  • Number of holes: 7
  • For: Women and men
  • Insulated: Yes (merino)

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How do shoes fit?

It fits perfectly on a normal leg. The foot has enough space and the wider foot can fit in the shoe. You can pull the shoes to the maximum and they are also suitable for a narrow leg, or on the contrary, you allow them as much as possible.

Bewertung: Barfußschuhen BeLenka Winter

Availability and price

You can find a large selection of shoes directly from the manufacturer and you can order them at There are often promotions or discounts for shoes. PS: Don’t forget to sign up for the newsletter. You will receive a 5% discount on your first order. 🙂



I wish you a lot of fun. 🙂

Yours Tereza

By Tereza Krcek

Mum of two boys, based in Prague, Czech Republic.  / Mutter von zwei Jungen aus Prag, Tschechische Republik.