Lenka 4ever Baby Carrier Review

I am so happy from this baby carrier. In reality it looks amazing like in the photos. I was surprised by the color and wonderful quality. It is TOP and if you are looking for an exeptional product I am guessing that’s the best way ever.


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Love 4ever

The best baby carrier I have ever had is produced in Žilina, Slovakia. In the e-shop BeLenka.com offers a large selection of baby carriers and scarves. There are dominated the beautiful baby carrier Lenka 4ever Mandala Night, which I have at home. If I forget that people on the street are turning behind you to see the baby carrier, it has won me unequivocally in the quality of its design and comfort. I was surprised by the excellent price / quality ratio that interests me the most about the products, because the expensive and good product (or possibly the expensive and bad product) is relatively easy to buy. You can also choose from beautiful new designs.

Product Specifications

  • Child age: from 2/3 month (62-68 cm) up to 3 years / 3,5 years (104 cm)
  • Child weight: up to 20 kg
  • Price: form 129 Euro
  • Model: Lenka 4ever
  • Washing instructions: Machine washable

The baby carrier is suitable  for baby from size 62-68 to size 104. I tried the baby carrier on a baby that is 96-104 and fits very well. Compared to the older version of Lenka 4ever, this baby carrier has a larger backrest, for which I am very happy because it will fully replace the toddler version. The carrying capacity of the baby carrier is 20 kilograms. On my back I carry a 17 kilogram baby at the age of 3.5. On my belly I carry a baby weighing 11 kilograms, almost 2 years old and 81 centimeters long. Wearing is very comfortable even with older children. In addition to the other products, the Lenka 4ever baby carrier has a drawstring at the top of the backrest. Attach the lanyard by the plastic tabs to fit the newborn support. I have no experience with inserting a newborn.


Lenka 4ever  has variable width and height settings to customize its fit to your baby. You can fit as you need. I measured everything. Fabric between legs is from 21 cm to 41 cm. Fabric on the back is from 33 cm to 49,5 cm. I measured the baby carrier and showed the really usable dimensions.

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How it looks

Amazing! What can I tell you. Lenka 4ever is the best one, very nice, awesome design (color, black, one colored). The carrier has a very strong waist belt, which is 100% comfortable. I was pleasantly surprised at how pleasant the waist belt was. Shoulder straps are soft, not one of the softest on the market (this is held by Lenny Lamb), but it does not push and it is very comfortable to wear even with heavy children. On the waist belt is sewn pocket, in which you can put some small things. Every model of the baby carrier Lenka has a hood, which you attach to the elastic bands on the shoulder straps when the baby spins, or let it hang freely (you can also roll up and attach rolled up rubber bands).

If you can buy this exeptional carrier, you can do this in e-shop Belenka.com. The carrier is made from 100 % Premium Cotton. Waist belt is very comfty (I am very satisfied). Shoulder straps are thick.

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What about your figure

If something is great, it is the comfort of the baby carrier. I have great comfort requirements. Not every baby carrier suits me because either the lumbar belt falls down (and therefore cannot be worn) or I press the buckles on the shoulder strap or I don’t fit the baby carrier overall because of the size of the XS and the weight of 47 kg. I have to tighten the waist belt and straps so they are not too long, and one or the other is often a problem. Lenka 4ever adapts to a small as well as a slim and a large figure (like Daddy – you can see that in the video and also in the photo below). We change the baby carrier. Our father is over 185 centimeters tall (about 25 centimeters more than I am). The baby carrieradapts to both of us. You can buy a practical backpack for the baby carrier.

How it is adjusted?

It’s very easy. The carrier needs to be adjusted before the first wear. First, you adjust the fabric between the legs and the size of the backrest to fit the baby carrier. Secondly, you will adjust the waist belt and shoulder straps so that the baby carrieralso fits you. Both are very easy. The setting is the easiest of all growing baby baby carriers. For this feature I would give Lenka 4ever a million plus points. While it is great to think of yourself as a baby carrier manufacturer, you can think of an original mechanism to set up a growing baby carrier, but what good is it if you take a few minutes to roll the baby carrier. And the worst thing is, when you can’t edit anything with a baby in a baby carrier. Lenka is easy to set up, easy to adjust even with a baby in a baby carrier.

Pull the fabric between the legs to the drawstring, adjust the backrest with the baby in the baby carrier so that tighten the buckle similar to the backpack. Fasten the waist belt to a large buckle that does not unfasten and has a secure rubber band. It is best to adjust the shoulder straps, which can be tightened even with a baby in a baby carrier. On other baby carriers I had a big problem tightening the straps (Tula also goes well) because I have a problem with the momentum in my left hand, which I cannot bend to the position to pull the strap up. On the Lenka 4ever baby carrier, the straps are not pulled down but are pulled down (opposite movement to other baby carriers), so the shoulder straps can be easily tightened whenever you want. You do not have to take the baby off.

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Lenka 4ever is available in two versions – without the possibility of crossing straps and with the possibility of crossing straps. I tried both variants and I will describe how they affected me.

  • Without the possibility of crossing straps – this option came to me more appropriate if you want to wear a baby on your stomach and you will carry a baby carrier from three to four months of babies. Shoulder straps cannot be crossed, they are tightened with a strap with a middle buckle. It’s like a backpack. I find this option easier to use. On handling easier. I put on my backpack (understand the baby in a baby carrier), turn on the buckle and go, respectively run for the second child, which escaped me within three seconds. With this option I wear on my back. Here too, I find the deployment easier. Wearing is comfortable, although 17 kilograms is 17 kilograms (with clothing, shoes and breakfast it is 18).
  • With the possibility of crossing straps – the carrier will be great for wearing on your back if you are good at fastening buckles. Cross the straps and turn them on one side. The straps can only be worn crosswise. On my back with an almost twenty-pound package I find crossed straps more comfortable.

If I had to decide for a longer period of time, I would have taken straps without the possibility of crossing, which I also did, or I would have bought two baby carriers – one with a cross and the other without. But everyone has different priorities. For me, it is essential that I quickly put one of the children into a baby carrier, which I immediately tighten, set in seconds and set off. I put high demands on comfort. Lenka fulfills all this to one star.

It’s worth it

The best way, how to buy this carrier, is ordered in e-shop Belenka.com. It is the safe way and the quick way. I can 100% recommend it. Wear Lenka 4, whatever you can buy from 125 EUR. It’s best to buy directly from Belenka.de. The baby carrier is delivered with free shoulder strap protection and free shipping. If you hesitate and think about other products, take a look at Lenka. I am always very sorry for mothers who tell me or write that they have chosen the wrong baby carrier and do not suit them. Lenka 4ever is an adjustable and beautiful carrier. Plus at a fair price.

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I wish you a lot of fun. 🙂

Yours Tereza

By Tereza Krcek

Mum of two boys, based in Prague, Czech Republic.  / Mutter von zwei Jungen aus Prag, Tschechische Republik.