How to choose a baby carrier? Three years of wearing experience and 8 tips for you

When I bought my first baby carrier, I knew nothing about wearing it. Choose a baby carrier and you don’t know how to do it? Check out 8 tips to find out what type of baby carrier you’re looking for and what to look for when buying one. In this article you will find a list of unsuitable baby carriers for children, which I update regularly, as well as a brief personal consideration: How would I choose a baby carrier if I buy it again?


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Tip 1: Before you search, ask yourself what you want

Before choosing, ask yourself how long you want to carry your baby. Are you going to wear it for half a year, a year, two? Do you want to wear it regularly or do you plan to use the strap occasionally? If you want to carry a baby from birth to one year old, you will need two baby carriers (possibly a scarf and a baby carrier). Newborns get a newborn baby carrier, a growing baby carrier is suitable for infants and toddlers up to 18 months. The baby grows in front of the eyes and the growing baby carrier can easily be adjusted to the size of the character. If you are carrying a child who is older than 18 months (and does not have a growing baby carrier at home), a non-growing baby carrier with the toddler label is sufficient.

The principle of ergonomic wearing is a rounded back, padded buttocks, the legs form the letter M (the knees are higher than the back) and the fabric between the legs extends from knee to knee (in children aged about two years allowed the fabric should not be from knee to knee).

  • Newborns: Newborn baby carriers vary widely and choosing the right type can be quite a science. The proven brands are excellent products Storchenwiege and Caboo Close Baby. Baby carrier with newborn pads are not suitable for newborns (poor fixation, discomfort, legs spread too wide). The baby feels best in the sling so that the baby carrier is comfortable for him.
  • Infant: You can carry infants aged 2 to 4 months on a growing baby carrier. You place the fabric between the legs and the back according to the figure of the baby. The acquisition costs are higher than with a conventional baby carrier, but they pay off. Which baby carriershould I choose? You will find beautiful and high-quality products in the brands Tula (free to grow) and Lenka.
  • Toddler: You can either use a growing baby carrier or buy a baby carrier labeled “toddler”, “18 months old”, “11 kg” (and so on). The fabric does not have to extend from ankle to ankle.
Lenka 4ever Carrier
Lenka 4ever Carrier

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Tip 2: Check the width of the hip belt

The right width and cut hip belt is the basis for comfortable wearing. The thin waist belt doesn’t have to be bad, but is more appreciated by lean and small mothers who wear thin and small children. If you gallop at home, the belt turns outward or strangles you. Carrying it will not be comfortable for you and the baby.

Tip 3: Concentrate on the backrest

The backrest must not be reinforced. Ergonomic baby carriers never have stiffeners on their backs. This is because the child should be in the so-called frog position (legs to M), the body is lined, the back is rounded. If the backrest is rigid, the child cannot sit properly on the baby carrier (the body is not padded) and is not an ergonomic position. Womar Zaffiro and Caboo DX are unsuitable baby carriers that appear ergonomic but are not.

Lenka 4ever Carrier
Lenka 4ever Carrier

Tip 4: Wide and padded shoulder straps are the basis for a comfortable fit

Shoulder straps must be wide and reinforced. Imagine carrying a few hours of the baby you want to spend as comfortably and comfortably as possible. The straps must not be strangled, pulled or pushed. When buying, focus on how to tighten them, whether you can make the adjustment yourself without the help of others. Make sure that the straps do not slip. Take a closer look at the strap between the shoulder blades. This is used to pull the shoulder straps together and carry them comfortably.

Tip 5: Buy a heavy fabric or scarf carrier

The fabric of the growing (and not growing) baby carrier must be strong but flexible so that you and your baby feel comfortable. At the same time, it must not tear and must be checked for a sufficient number of kilograms. The quality of the fabric also depends on the quality of the construction. When you buy a new carrier, you don’t have to worry about quality. New certified baby carriers from proven stores are of high quality and tested. There may be a problem with used baby carriers . The troublemakers include the popular brands Manduca and Ergobaby, which are fake (see tip 6).

Baby carrier is sold in fabric and scarf. Shawl baby carriers are (for me definitely) better. They are pleasant, soft, but sufficiently durable. In a very warm summer you will sweat on a baby carrier. You sweat in every baby carrier when it’s hot. 🙂 In the shops you will also find special summer baby carriers that are ventilated on the back. It is a nice innovator.

Lenka 4ever Carrier
Lenka 4ever Carrier

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Tip 6: Beware of counterfeits

How do you recognize fake baby carriers Manduca and Ergobaby? I’ve written more about counterfeiting. They most often buy them at the bazaar as new and used. The counterfeits are full of Aliexpress. If you do not understand the baby carrier, you are a newcomer (just like me) and want to buy a baby carrier from the bazaar and buy another brand that is not used. The non-falling baby carriers include, for example, Lenka, Tula, LennyLamb, Caboo..

Tip 7: You will save time in the future through simple maintenance and machine washing

I wonder how the baby carrier will wash. The child becomes hard, vomits, contaminates the product and has to be cleaned. A good thing are the so-called “rackets”, which are attached to the straps and serve as protection against drooling. Nevertheless, the garbage does not prevent pollution. It is best to wash it in a washing machine at 400 turns and dry it on a dryer. The carrier should not be tumble dried and not exposed to strong sunlight (e.g. a garden) to prevent the colors from fading.

Tip 8: The price must match the quality

Ask yourself how much you can or want to invest in a baby carrier . It depends on how often you use it. You can get a baby carrier at the bazaar for a cheaper price. Beware of counterfeits (Manduca and Ergobaby)! If you are lucky, you will find fairly new baby carriers. The mother who sells the baby carrier may not want the baby to be in it (it is uncomfortable for some reason; the mother started wearing it late, perhaps at the age of the year and the baby no longer wanted to carry it). She could have received it as an inappropriate gift and the child had been there several times.

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When shopping, pay attention to the baby carrierthat looks ergonomic but is actually not ergonomic. At random I mention Ergobaby 360, Womar Zaffiro.

Updated list of unsuitable baby carriers from 7.3.2020

  • Chicco 
  • Womar Zaffiro
  • BabyBjörn
  • Cybex
  • Petite&Mars Caddy
  • Hauck 3 way Carrier
  • Hauck 2 way Carrier
  • Caboo DX 
  • Infantino
  • Ergobaby Omni 360
  • Kinderkraft NINO
  • Kinderkraft MILO
  • Tula Explore 
  • Inglesina Flip
  • Nania Dětská klokanka Platinum Gris
  • Asalvo 
  • Ferrari
  • Inglesina Front
  • Petite&Mars Pao Papoose, Pebble
  • Nuvolino Active Hipseat

How would I choose a baby carrier if I bought it again?

If I could do it a bit, I would try the baby carrier. Since I have tested and tested a number of baby carriers, I would take 100% Lenka or Tula to grow, which is a bit smaller, but convenient and adjustable. Beautiful baby carrier is also made by LennyLamb, but unfortunately I find the system for tightening the straps lengthy. You have to adjust the straps before you put the baby on the baby carrier, and that seems to me to be impractical. At least if you’re in a hurry, because a year and a half doesn’t wait until you put your baby on a baby carrier. LennyLamb sells quality and beautiful baby carrier that is worth trying. 🙂 Maybe your system settings suit you.

For myself, I would not recommend Manduca, which is not bad, it is quite comfortable, but because of the purchase price it can “do” so much. If you buy a baby carrier second hand, be careful of counterfeits, as Manduca is extremely forged. Counterfeits improve and do not have to be recognized at first glance. The same case is also Ergobaby Adapt. For a lot of money, the baby carrier offers less music, and for the most part it is more difficult to identify a counterfeit and even more difficult to recognize than a Manduca.

Lenka 4ever Carrier
Lenka 4ever Carrier

Lenka 4ever – The best baby carrier

  • Properties: Beautiful baby carrier from the Slovak manufacturer is a big surprise among growing baby carriers. The fabric between the legs and the backrest is adjustable.
  • Increasing: YES
  • Age: Baby carrier is suitable from birth, the manufacturer specifies from size 62, but this depends on the proportions of babies up to 15 kg. I regularly tested on 15 kilograms.
  • For newborns: NO (from size 62)
  • Where to buy: I have a Lenka retailer directly in their e-shop, where you can buy them cheaply – from 125 Eur. 100% recommend. The baby carrier is delivered with free shoulder strap protection and free shipping.
  • Fakes: NO. The wearer does not tremble.
  • Brief assessment: A big surprise is the Lenka baby carrier, which you can easily adjust in a few seconds. If you are looking for an inexpensive version of a baby carrier and Tula has caught your eye, but it seems expensive, check out Lenka carrier. Your summer version is beautiful and there are different themes to choose from.

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  • Best design
  • Very convenient.
  • Set up quickly and easily.
  • Comfort is not expensive.
  • From 2/3 month (62-68 cm) up to 3 years / 3,5 years (104 cm), up to 20 kg.

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  • Nothing. 🙂


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I tried many baby carriers and found the best litter Lenka. I have a version of Lenka 4ever and am playing with the idea that I will have a toddler (but I cannot decide which option I would buy). The carrier offers you beautiful colors, great design and a very good price / performance ratio. The baby carrier is best bought directly in their e-shop.

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I wish you a happy purchase. 🙂

Yours Tereza

By Tereza Krcek

Mum of two boys, based in Prague, Czech Republic.  / Mutter von zwei Jungen aus Prag, Tschechische Republik.