DIY Easter Small Baskets from Tea Boxes

How to make easy Easter cupcakes so that even small children can participate in the creation? We used colored paper, glue and tea boxes. The children liked the result so much that the cups did not lend me to take pictures. 🙂 You can find inspiration in the article.

What we created

We made easter cups with chick, hen and bunny motifs. Put gingerbreads and other sweets in the baskets. Meanwhile, we put the hen and rooster from the toilet paper roll in them. 🙂

DIY Easter Small Baskets from Tea Boxes

DIY Easter Small Baskets from Tea Boxes

Suitable for: 3+ years old

Creation is suitable for children from two and a half years. Philip managed to stick at two and a half years except for the rabbit nose, which affixed the other way around, himself.

What you need

  • Tea boxes
  • Color papers
  • Glue
  • Eyes (or a piece of a quarter and a pen to create paper eyes)

How to do it

I knocked out the tea boxes and cut off the lid or any extra paper. I wrapped them in colored paper. I needed one sheet of colored paper per box. From what was left of the sheet, I made an ear.

The ear consisted of two layers of colored paper. I chose blue and green paper. Yellow, orange, pink and white papers were shining through.

I prepared the head of a bunny, a chicken and a hen. I needed a head, a beak, a faucet and eyes on a hen. I needed an oval, a beak, two wings and eyes for the chick. The bunny needed head, ears, ears, beard, eyes and nose. I made a kiss with a marker.

The children started gluing. First we glued the chick because it was easier. I was surprised that Philip managed to make the chick himself.

Martin was soon finished with gluing the chick, so he made a hen. He stuck his eyes, tap and beak on his head.

Finally we glued the bunny. The children fastened their ears, eyes, beard and nose. I made a kiss with a marker.
Children stuck animals on boxes. Martin fastened his ears and the cups were born.

In conclusion

I wanted to make simple cupcakes and after a long thought I used tea boxes. It turned out that the box is relatively durable, stable, and when animals are on it becomes a rare item. The children liked the result very much. They carry cupcakes back and forth, put paper hens in them, and are waiting for Easter. 🙂

I wish you a lot of fun. 🙂


Yours Tereza

Tereza Krcek

Mum of two boys, based in Prague, Czech Republic.  / Mutter von zwei Jungen aus Prag, Tschechische Republik.

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